Podcasting for a Cause

I talk a lot about podcasting for your business on my site and my blog. But, you can also create a podcast on a variety of other non-business topics.  The single most important thing to remember when it comes to creating your next podcast is this: create one that is on a topic that you are most passionate about. Given that point, podcasting about a cause you believe in or support is a fantastic way to jump into the world of podcasting! Let me put this into perspective. Imagine you are someone that supports a local animal rescue, going as far as volunteering in your spare time to help care for the animals and fund raise for the group. You love the animals, enjoy working with the other volunteers and have an overwhelming sense of happiness helping out. Now, let’s take this one step further; you want to do more. You want everyone to know about this wonderful group, the animals that need adopting and encourage others to adopt from a shelter or rescue.  Well, a podcast is a perfect outlet! With a podcast you can: share your knowledge about the rescue with a specific audience, list it in several podcast directories (including iTunes and Stitcher) , share on social media streams for even more exposure and reach people across the nation AND in your own backyard.

Right about now, you may be thinking, “Yeah, okay, Darlene … this all sounds great, but what on earth do I even talk about? Won’t animal rescue chat get old, fast?” First, if you are passionate about your chosen topic, talking about it will never get old. Second, there is something simple you can do now in order to fill your ‘idea bucket’ . It’s good old-fashioned brainstorming!  When it comes to podcasting, I like to break brainstorming up into two step process.

STEP 1:  Brainstorm and come up with the overall topic for your podcast.   Think of the overall topic for your podcast as the outside of your idea bucket. You should be able to tell someone you’ve never met, in one sentence, what your overall podcast is about.  Take for example my podcast, Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide. I tell people it is the podcast that encourages new entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in a funk to stop dreaming and start doing. It gives them just enough to get an idea of what the show is about.  It also keeps me on track when creating future episodes.  The same will hold true for you. Remember, the overall topic is the outside of your bucket.

STEP 2: Once you’ve decided on an overall topic for your show, start brainstorming topic ideas for each individual episode. The episode ideas are what goes into your bucket. Fill that bucket up, okay?!  Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas: - Your first episode can be an introduction to your rescue group, yourself and what to expect in future episodes. -  Your second episode will be an interview with a volunteer. - And your third, well,  interview a pet owner that has adopted a rescue.

By the fourth you can start to branch out and interview other rescue groups. Then continue to extend these ideas further –training tips for a newly adopted rescue dog, rehabilitation, current issues with euthanasia laws for rescues, etc.

As you can see, a little brainstorming in the beginning can go a long way. Always keep the reason for your podcast in mind and your overall topic in check. They will be your guide!

If you have questions or need help, I am here. I love helping people get started with podcasting for their business or their cause. Contact me at any time for help!