Jeannie Hoffman

Darlene has been an incredible resource for me. Returning to the workforce after eight years was challenging and my new job required some knowledge of social media, of which I had none.

Darlene jumped in immediately and helped me get organized with a social media schedule. She handles the daily postings, and created formats for our blog, newsletter and flyers. She even helps interface with our website developer for seamless posting on our site. Darlene is very efficient with her time; she really respects our budget. She is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things “social.” She is eager to share what she knows with her clients which is something that I both appreciate and rely on. I really could not do my job without her!

~Jeannie Hoffman, Marketing, Cypress Resources, Inc. & 3% Leader Podcast

Pam Christenson

While I'm an expert at massage, I certainly struggle to keep up with all of the demands of running a business. I spent a year thinking that a newsletter was a good idea and managed to get ONE out during that time. Why? I have limited office skills and these tasks take me forever to accomplish, mainly because I don't enjoy them. From my first conversation with Darlene, I knew she would be great!

She's extremely professional, organized, honest, fast and delightful to work with! Her preferred communication is email, which is perfect for me! She makes my ideas better and allows me to send out a professional, regularly scheduled newsletter every month.

Having Darlene on board also helps me stay on task because I'm held accountable. A huge benefit!

~Pam Christenson, Pam Christenson Massage

Marian Calabro

Thanks to Darlene Victoria, the process of publishing our Constant Contact e-newsletter, “Freewrite,” goes easily and smoothly. She set up the initial template graphically. She also uploaded the mailing lists, and she updates them. For each issue, I give her the articles and she enhances them with just the right images.

She communicates clearly and always follows through. I also had the pleasure of being interviewed for her informative podcast. In short, I recommend her services highly.

~Marian Calabro, President,

Nicole Wells

Darlene is everything that I needed: organized, prompt, smart, and a pleasure to work with. From day one, I felt secure in knowing that Darlene was on top of things that I couldn’t be. She sees things I needed before I do and has helped me in my business tremendously. She has a robust skill set and knowledge base: AgileCRM, to SquareSpace, MailChimp to Microsoft Word and everything in between.

I’m able to focus on growing my business instead of the day to day details, because I have Darlene on my team.

~Nicole Wells - SpeakWells

Shannon Rinckey

Darlene is a smart, kind-hearted, and energetic person that gets things done. I was very happy with the audio editing Darlene did for me. She was quick, thorough, and classy – a pretty fine mix, if you ask me! Darlene also guided me through a Shopify store setup. She was patient and answered all of my questions and explained even the smallest details.

Hiring Darlene was a great investment in my business, and I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!

~Shannon Rinckey, Owner,

Diane Randall

Darlene is an awesome partner in helping me to build my online presence, podcast and brand with her expert knowledge of social media, web design, online apps, and more. I have limited time to do a lot of the things. I need to build my brand and it’s so comforting to know that I can “hand” anything over to Darlene and she gets it done.

~Diane Randall, MA, Diane Randall Consults and Balanced Living for Busy Professionals Podcast

Emily Kristofferson

I've had the privilege of working with Darlene on everything from podcast producing to email marketing campaigns, graphic design and audio/video editing, for almost 3 years.

What I appreciate most is her attention to detail and excellent communication. I always know that her work will be done correctly and on time. She is great at asking the right questions to clarify requirements, and at providing updates as tasks are completed.

There are so many details that are involved in running an online business, and it's like a sanity saver to have someone to delegate to, who will do it just as well as you (if not better!).

She's always up for new challenges, or gaining new skills, and brings her experience and suggestions to the team. I wish I could clone Darlene to have her work with all of my clients. She's simply the best at what she does!

~Emily Kristofferson, Online Project Manager

Andrea Owen

Darlene has a solid podcasting background and provides excellent support. From day one, she became a valued member of our team, doing everything from audio editing, setting up the blog posts, to formatting our email broadcasts, and even scheduling our social media. Always responsive, Darlene is quick to take initiative. She’s reliable and consistently meets our deadlines. Also, she is great at communicating her ideas, and is very professional and courteous. I highly recommend her as a trusted member of your team. Darlene is amazing!

~Andrea Owen, Certified Life Coach and Owner of Your Kick-Ass Life

Amy E. Smith

Darlene is my podcast savior! Not only does she very rarely (if ever) make mistakes, but she is so incredibly reliable and thorough that I have total peace of mind that all of my podcast editing, promotion, pitching, and admin tasks will be handled flawlessly. She is extremely professional when representing my brand and I have all the confidence that she knows exactly what will be called for in each situation that arises in my business. I truly feel that Darlene is a rare unicorn of support amongst a growing online field that oftentimes doesn't have the kindness, dependability, and insight needed to speak for a brand. Not only is she wildly proficient at all her tasks, but she does it all with the utmost kindness and grace! I can't imagine running my business without her!

~Amy E. Smith, Owner + Life Coach,

Kara Snyder

Darlene is a super-organized, resourceful mistress of tools & apps that fix problems. Since she began supporting the podcast back in 2017, things have gotten so much easier. Because she's so efficient getting all of the links, copy, and other details together and where they need to go online, I'd estimate that I've reclaimed nearly double the hours she's worked. I'm always grateful for how responsive and reliable she is, especially with taking instructions and deadlines. She's been such an asset to Le vital corps Salon's team.

~Kara Snyder - Le vital corps Salon podcast