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You are here because you want to:

-produce and manage a podcast, but aren't quite sure where to start.

If you want to dig into what goes into producing a podcast and not hand over the reigns to a producer (at least not yet), then this is the course for you. Doing it your way should always be an option.

In this course, we'll go through all phases of podcast production including, development, launching a podcast, and promotion. 

  • No clue how to create an RSS feed? No worries. That's one of the many facets we dive into, in this course.

  • Equipment and recording questions. Yep. We'll cover that too.

  • Promoting a podcast: tips, tools, and resources. YES, I've got you covered.


Module 1: The Nuts and Bolts of Podcasting: Groundwork and foundation for podcast launch and creation, podcasting tips and equipment suggestions for recording a podcast

Module 2: Launching Your New Podcast: Development Phase, including podcast checklists, creating an intro/outro, podcast art, podcast file hosting, RSS feed setup and more

Module 3: Pre-Production Phase: Planning your episode content, more checklists, guest coordination tips, and resources

Module 4: Production Phase: Recording a podcast, recording segments, tips for interviewing, and audio file storage for backup and sharing with a team

Module 5: Post-Production Phase: Editing a podcast, show notes, episode artwork, ID3 tags, and uploading to the web

Module 6: Promotion: Promotion tips and consideration, plus a copy of my podcast promotion tip sheet

Bonus Module: Beyond Development and Production: Monetization, stats and more.

How is this course different from the many other courses out there?

Just like with podcasts, everyone has their own unique way of sharing their experience, expertise, and philosophies. In this course, I present the topic material from the perspectives of podcast producer, listener and virtual assistant. My unique take on things will help you create a podcast or support a podcast host in an inspiring, detail-oriented, and organized way. Plus, I'm quirky and a lot of that 'quirk' is infused into the course material. ;)

"Darlene has a solid podcasting background and provides excellent support. From day one, she became a valued member of our team, doing everything from audio editing, setting up the blog posts, to formatting our email broadcasts, and even scheduling our social media. Always responsive, Darlene is quick to take initiative. She’s reliable and consistently meets our deadlines. Also, she is great at communicating her ideas, and is very professional and courteous." ~ Andrea Owen, Your Kick-Ass Life

The gal behind the course: Hi there! I'm Darlene. I have been a web designer since 2001, with a love for all things internet and technology. My early adoption to podcast listening, and soon after podcast production, is evidenced in the expertise I share via my podcast management and support services and now through this course. The foundation for my podcasting skills is deeply rooted in producing my first podcast, A Virtual Perception, in May 2008. I honed my skills as a podcast producer and podcast show host. Podcast sponsors were procured, and A Virtual Perception was twice nominated for a Podcast Award for Best Business Podcast (2009 and 2010). Having produced over hundreds of podcast episodes, I continue to find enjoyment and fulfillment in guiding clients with their podcasts. I know the ropes and know what it takes to make a podcast that can be a sought-out, valued resource to your targeted listeners. This is my passion and I cannot wait to watch you blossom and grow as podcast producer and host!

But wait, there's more! ;) Content, content, content!

Included in this course are video tutorials, including:

  • Canva

  • Basic Editing with Audacity

  • Libsyn (podcast host)

  • creating audiograms

  • submitting a podcast to podcast directories, like apple podcasts and google play. 

not only is this course great for podcast production, it's a great resource for using various online tools for management and promotion of podcasts. 




  • a Private Facebook Group for additional support and guidance

“Darlene’s podcasting is a necessary resource for all Virtual Assistants!” ~Robin Besotes, The Doctor’s RX


+ How much time do I need to invest in this course and about how long should it take to complete?

The course is set up to move at your own pace. I suggest you allocate about 2 hours a week to course content. The longer you let content sit, the less likely you will be to move forward and progress. However, life happens. I get that. The content will be made available to you for the lifetime of the course. Overall, the entire course should take about 1 to 1.5 months to complete (or sooner if you are super pumped and keep on moving through the course!).

+ What if I am not ready to launch my podcast?

No problem! If you are interested in launching a podcast in the future or want to learn what it takes to produce a podcast, you can jump in now. However, if you want to use this course as a jumping off point to launch your next podcast, my suggestion is to bookmark this page and jump in when you are ready to make the time commitment to learning AND launching your podcast!

+ I don't plan on launching a podcast at all, but instead want to assist clients who have a podcast. Is this course for me?

Yes! We will be covering all aspects of podcast production, including launching a podcast and managing the ongoing production. There are many steps throughout launch, or ongoing production phases, where a client can use the support of a podcast assistant. This course helps get you to that spot and sets you up to be a successful and sought-after podcast assistant.

+ How can I get further support from you?

As a course participant, you will have access to a private Facebook group. I will be present in the group to help offer additional guidance and support. If you would like one-on-one support, you can contact me directly at support@darlenevictoria.com to request one-on-one coaching options.

+ Do you have a refund policy?

Because of the digital nature of this course and course materials, no refunds will be provided.

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