Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs and Podcasters

Holiday Gift Guide Fun!

I’ve always loved the holiday season. Back when I began podcasting in 2008, every December I would create a special holiday podcast episode. One year I even ran something called, “24 Days of Wonder,” which was a special holiday celebration spread out over the course of 24 days.This year, since I don’t have an active podcast (but one is coming in 2019), I decided to put together a small holiday gift guide for you. The gift ideas included are perfect for clients, friends, and family members alike.

Fairytale Brownies: I’ve been sending FairyTale Brownies to clients, family, and associates since 2009. And, I’ve been everybody’s best friend since that time - coincidence? ;)  Seriously though, they are SCRUMPTIOUS.

Saltopia Infused Sea Salts: Buy local! I first came across Saltopia Salts while perusing my town’s farmer’s market on a summer day. Intrigued, I stopped by and had a very nice chat with Kimarie, the owner of Saltopia Salts. We chatted about the wonderful foodie finds in Portland, Maine, and Pike’s Market Place in Seattle. I purchased two jars of her gourmet salts that day and have been a fan ever since.

Etsy (crafty and handmade gifts): My mother has always been one crafty lady. I grew up watching her make amazing handmade gifts. My love for all things handmade is rooted within my DNA.  When I learned about Etsy in late 2008, I was giddy and full of an excitement. I mean, come on, Etsy is basically one big online craft fair. It took me quite a few years to start my own shop (you can see it here), but I’ve been an Etsy addict, ahem shopper, as soon as I discovered the site. That’s why Etsy is always one of my go-to places for unique and handmade gifts.

Of course, I also happen to surround myself with some pretty crafty friends! My bestie Jenifer is a talented watercolor artist (crafting Christmas and holidays cards) and amazing sewer. You can check out her one-of-a-kind cards and gifts right here.

Alex and Ani: Last year I was gifted an Alex and Ani Sister charm bracelet. It was the first time I learned of Alex and Ani. I’ve been in love with their jewelry ever since. You can shop online or usually find them at select gift shops.

Podcaster Gifts - I would be remiss if I didn’t include some items for podcasters (ahem, if that’s you, then add these items to YOUR list, pronto :) ).

ATR2100 USB Mic: Whether you are new to podcasting or have been in the industry for a while, you know that a lot of people tend to recommend the Blue Yeti Mics. They are okay mics, but honestly, not the best. The ATR2100 USB microphone is what I typically recommend to folks (and mention in my Podcasting Your Way course which launched in May 2018). At under $70, it’s definitely budget-friendly too.

Neewer Pop Filter: Pop filters help reduce plosives (think, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...”) when you speak. At $5.99 on Amazon, this pop filter is the perfect stocking stuffer for the podcaster in your life!

Sit-to-Stand Rolling Adjustable Height Laptop Cart with Storage: Hands down, this is my most favorite piece of office furniture to date! I had been wanting a standup desk for a while, but dang, they are expensive. Since my primary computer is a laptop anyway, I decided this was the next best thing. And my gosh, IT IS THE BEST! I can move it around (it has wheels), so that when I am actually recording a podcast, I can move it to an area of my home that has the best acoustics. Yes, I can take my desk and setup with me! Plus, I can sit OR stand. If you’ve been wanting a standup desk for your laptop, but don’t have the space or the cash - this baby will fulfill all of your hopes and dreams. You’re welcome.

Create an Audiogram in 4 Easy Steps

Create an Audiogram in 4 Easy Steps

An audiogram is a video file (.mp4) that has a static image and includes audio. It’s a unique way to share content on social media or on your website.

Some Ways to Use Audiograms:

  • Portion of a podcast episode to share on social media

  • An audio clip with image to promote an upcoming course, webinar, or special event

  • Share a tip on the static image and elaborate a bit more as part of the audio clip

Check out the short video tutorial below to learn how to create an audiogram in 4 easy steps. And, be sure to grab my, Audiogram Creation Cheat Sheet, which includes additional tips, size and length specifications for various social networks and more. Grab your copy here!

Click the image below to watch the video.
If the image does not load, 
click here to watch the video.

How to Save an Image from a Google Document

Have you ever received a shared Google Document from a client or team member with the image inserted into the document? And this was a document in which you were in charge of putting the content onto a website (copy AND picture, included)?

And you thought, “Well, dang. There is no way to get this photo ‘out’ of the document, unless I just screenshot it.”

Welllllll, guess what? There IS a way to download and save images that are within a shared Google Document. I've created this super short (25 seconds) video that shows you how.   

Ice Cream Adventures

“There’s always room for ice cream.”  Some of the wisest words I’ve ever heard, from my dear Uncle John. As a child my nickname was DQ – short for Dairy Queen. Yes, I love ice cream*. Don’t judge. I’ve always wanted to start a blog about my love for ice cream and my ice cream adventures.  The thought of brain freeze and fat pants, stop me in my tracks. Every.single.time. Instead, this one post will highlight my ice cream adventures.  I’ll continue to update it. Bookmark it and check back often!

*Ice cream is a generalized term used in this post. Custard, gelato, and frozen yogurt are included. I am an equal opportunity frozen dessert eater.

Ice Cream Adventures USA My list of visited ice cream establishments, adventures and dessert places that serve up ice cream 

9th Annual NJ Ice Cream Festival, Toms River, NJ

Applegate Farm Ice Cream, Montclair, NJ

Ben & Jerry's, Savannah, GA

Bresler's Ice Cream, Venice, FL

Casino Theatre, Mt. Pocono, PA

Chocolate Box, Seattle, WA

Cliff's Homemade Ice Cream, Ledgewood, NJ

Frozen Peaks, Succasuna, NJ

The Gelato Fiasco, Portland ME

Gelotti Ice Cream, Paterson, NJ and West Caldwell, NJ

Ghiradelli Chocolate, San Francisco, CA

Gorgeous Gelato, Portland ME

Hilltop Farms, Broadheadsville, PA

Kohr Brothers, Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights, NJ

Marble Slab Creamery, San Antonio, TX

Mountain Brook Creamery, Birmingham, AL

Rita's, Flanders, NJ

Serendipity 3, New York, NY

Taylor's Ice Cream Parlor, Chester, NJ

The Franklin Fountain, Philadelphia, PA

Dairy Queen: Riverview, FL, Garfield, NJ, Paterson, NJ, Budd Lake, NJ, Byram, NJ, San Antonio, TX, somewhere in South Carolina along I95 and countless others.

Carvel: Clifton, NJ, West Paterson, NJ and countless others.

My Ice Cream Adventures Bucket List: Ben and Jerry's, Waterbury, VT


3 Ways to Re-purpose and Re-use Facebook Live Video

You've recorded a Facebook Live video.  The content, interaction, and vibe from the broadcast was on point. Now, you wish you could do it again and again? Well, for starters, if it was that inspiring and well-received, you might want to consider making Facebook Live videos a part of your weekly or monthly routine.

More than that, you can take that already broadcasted video and re-purpose and re-use it in various ways, thus enabling you to share that little bit of inspiration time and again.  

Step 1: Download the Facebook Live video from your Facebook group or page. Then you can:

  • Re-distribute it as video or audio. For example, upload the video to your YouTube Channel for your YouTube Subscribers or, have your digital media consultant/editor export the audio of which you can then use for a podcast episode.

  • Consider posting the video or audio on your website or blog.

Step 2: Get the video transcribed then you can:

  • Write a blog post (or eNewsletter article) from the transcription. You may find you have enough content to write more than one post or article.

  • Find great tips, quotes, informative posts, and/or one-liners for use in social media marketing from your content.

Think about it, you can spend 10-30 minutes on Facebook Live and then plan out 3 or more ways to re-use it for online content.  Not only is this a great way to save time, but a great opportunity to spread your message in a variety of ways.

Digital Media Tool Tip: Creating a YouTube Link with a Specific Start Time

Sometimes you may want to share a specific part of a YouTube video and skip the first 20 seconds or so. For example, it's Wednesday (aka Hump Day) and you want to share Geico's Happy Hump Day Camel video with your co-worker, Mike. But, you want the video to start at the sequence where the camel says, “Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike...what day is it, Mike?”  

There is a way to accomplish this manually, however, I recently found an online tool that makes creating a link to a specific start time in a YouTube video a snap!

All you have to do is go to:

1. Enter the URL of the YouTube Video
2. Enter the start time
3. Click, Get Link

You now have a URL that will link directly to your chosen start time for that video, like so:

It's ok to fall, as long as you get back up

If you look up the word klutz in the dictionary, you will see a picture of me. If you look up the same word in the thesaurus, you will see a picture of my mother. Yes, clumsiness runs in the family. When I was younger, my clumsiness was a result of some really bad choices. The good news? I learned many valuable lessons from said choices.

Lesson #1: Never jump over your brother while he is doing a breakdance move called the "worm". It will result in a busted chin and a scar to show for it many years later.   

Lesson #2: Never say yes, when your brother asks you this question: "Hey, Darlene, want to see a cool new karate move I learned?"

Otherwise, it will result in a karate kick to the face. As well as, one black eye, a very upset mother, and a seriously grounded brother.  If you happen to have dancing recital photos the next day, like I did, you will also have a photo momento to remember this "lesson"by. Oh yeah, this really happened.

That following summer, I also learned to stay out of my grandparents backyard when one of my brothers screamed "Fore!" while swinging a golf club.  I don't think I need to describe what happened next, now do I?

As years progressed, my choices did get better. But I still found myself tripping over my own two feet or simply just falling  - into friend's houses (no, I was not drunk) or even in the parking lot of a corporate complex, second day on the job.

I have kept my friends and co-workers very amused throughout the years.

Because of my many coordination fails,  I learned one of the most valuable lessons in life. When you fall, get back up. Whether you fall flat on your kiester or have some sort of setback - assess the situation, cry for a bit if you need too, but always get back up.   And if you can't, don't be afraid to ask for help.


Making choices and taking chances

As a child, I had a big mouth. During my wakeful hours, I never stopped talking. It's funny how certain things never change. A lot of what I said had to do with my hopes and dreams. I would tell my mother what I wanted to be when I grew up - a doctor, a nurse, an entertainer, a pediatric social worker, a writer, an English Lit. teacher, business owner, baker and the list goes on and on. My mother was (and still is) supportive of all of the things I've ever wanted to do and be.

However, as I grew older, I became more of an introvert when it came to sharing my hopes and dreams with people. In fact, there were some instances where reactions to my declarations were met with harsh criticism.  There was one time when I told a family friend, who was a nurse, that I wanted to be a nurse too. The response I received was, "Well, you're grades aren't really good enough. And it's a lot of hard work." I must have been about 12 or 13. Her words left me feeling deflated.

For a couple of years, I was undecided whether or not I wanted to become a nurse. That's when I found writing. I loved everything about it and decided I wanted to become a writer. Then again, my hopes and dreams of becoming a writer were deflated by harsh criticism from a high school teacher. I was such a sensitive and dramatic girl.

At around 17 years old, I found my voice again. This time, it was an inner voice and it said, "Who the heck cares what everyone else thinks or says? You can take chances, do whatever you want and become whatever you want to be. You've been through so much in your life already. Are you really going to let people bring you down?" The answer was no.

I started taking chances and doing whatever the heck I wanted, within reason, of course. Well, ok. Sometimes my choices were pretty darn stupid. Like the time I decided to cut my own hair. I practically chopped it all off.  

With regards to my future, I did enroll in college right after high school. Like many silly teenagers, I skipped a couple classes and didn't really apply myself. Bad choice, of course. About one week into the semester, I took my first anatomy and physiology class.

And you know what? I LOVED it. It was then and there that I decided I wanted to take the steps needed to follow my dream of working in the medical field.

The thing is, I've always been someone that's wanted results as quickly as possible. I left college (I returned many years later to pursue a degree) and went to school to become a medical assistant.

I was working at a hospital as a nurse's assistant about 8 months later.  I followed my own path, believed in myself and and was happier for it.

Over the years, I've continued to make many choices and have taken chances. Many of them, knowing  full well that I was taking a chance on myself and the future. That's the main takeaway here - take chances, for yourself and for your dreams. Don't ever let anyone tell you can't, because you actually can.

You may mess up (even cut all of your hair off, like I did). More importantly, you may very well realize you can do anything you want, with a little hard work and belief in yourself and your abilities.



When I was a young girl, dandelions were a thing of magic to me. During the summer months, one of my most favorite past times was to go out on the lawn and pick dandelions. Now it wasn't dandelions in the yellow weedy variety that I loved so much. No, it was when they turned to the wispy white flower that many dreams and wishes were made.  At least, my wishes and dreams.

I remember how exhilarating it was for me to pluck a dandelion from the green earth. While holding the dandelion in my hand with my legs crisscrossed beneath me; I would close my eyes, make a wish and then blow. I then watched in amazement as my wishes and dreams floated away into the sky.

Looking back, I wonder if I was hoping they would land in the place where dreams came true.

I did this every chance I could get. It was like blowing out birthday candles every warm, summer day when my actual birthday was in the fall.

The wishes were of the typical young child variety: I wished I'd get that super cool pink bicycle for my birthday, or that my mom would get me that Barbie I had seen at the store.

But most of the time they were, typically, these two wishes:

  • I wished to become a nurse someday.

  • I wished my family would live forever.

What I didn't know then, but I do know now is that for those two wishes in particular – one has much more to do with hard work and dedication and the other, is left up to fate, chance and life decisions.

We were all young once and in time learned these lessons.

Regardless, on the occasional summer day, when the dandelions are in full bloom, like snowballs on stems in the summer – I still have the urge to run outside, sit in the grass, pluck one of those babies from the ground, close my eyes and make a wish.

Is there any reason why you shouldn't host a podcast?

Up this month, I answer the question: “Is there any reason a person shouldn’t host their own podcast?” Find out the answer, as you listen to an excerpt of my interview with Terry Green of BizEase Support Solutions, which includes three things you should consider before starting a podcast.

Click here to for the answer
(Length: 2 mins. 37 seconds)

The Value and Benefit of Starting a Podcast

What is the value and benefit of starting a podcast, with the business owner, speaker or coach in mind? Find out the answer, as you listen to an excerpt of my interview with Terry Green of BizEase Support Solutions.  PLUS, find out where you should be posting your podcast for the best exposure, search engine optimization and more! Click the audio player to listen:

Click here for the answer

In short: If you have a passion for a topic and a willingness to share your expertise, podcasting can be of value to you and your audience. Speakers and coaches, typically, have a message to share. Therefore, podcasting is a great platform for them to share said message in a fun and unique way. Podcasting is a great way to express oneself, be authentic and connect with your intended audience.

iTunes is just a small piece to your podcast launch

Launching and promoting your podcast does not end and start with iTunes. In fact, submitting your podcast to iTunes should be a very small part of your podcast launch. When launching your podcast and thinking about promotion, you should be focusing on: your current followers, their engagement and how you can increase their awareness of your newly launched podcast.

Here are some ways in which you can connect with your engaged followers and tell them about your podcast and later, about subsequent episodes:

  1. Email them: if you have been building your email list, your subscribers want to hear from you. Let them know of your podcast launch. Then, when you release a new episode, send them a quick email reminding them of your podcast, share your show notes and a link back to your website where they can find the complete episode.

  2. Social media: Share newly release episode announcements on your social networks. Your updates should include something about your podcast, like title, episode number and link. You can get creative with your updates, to entice users to click on your link and listen. If you are not great at copywriting, you can work with a copywriter to help craft social posts for your podcast.

  3. Your website: Post your podcast on your website. Always, always, always do this! Include a link titled, “Podcast” in your website navigation. When a user clicks on the link, they can access and view all of your released podcast episodes.

Submitting your podcast to iTunes is not the end all and be all of your entire podcast launch. Podcast directories should be thought of as a supplement to promoting your podcast. You do want to have your podcast listed in directories, as it gives  your current users a numerous way to subscribe to your podcast. Further, it allows for new users to find, explore and experience your podcast. Allowing these new users the opportunity to like your podcast, love your podcast and become an engaged user.

Podcasting, is it for you?



Everyone seems to have a podcast these days. Right?  So the question I ask of you, is having a podcast right for you?Let's discuss, shall we?

First, podcasting has been around for over a decade. It's not new and will be around for many years to come.  Second, while it seems everyone has a podcast; it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone should be podcasting.

Anyone that wants to start a podcast, should at least give it a try.  However, if you want to start a podcast for business, consider these three questions below before starting:

  1. Do you have a topic that you are passionate about and can talk about endlessly, without tiring?

  2. Are you are creating a podcast, “just because you feel like you are going to ‘miss the boat’ on this whole podcasting craze”?

  3. Do you have at least 2-3 hours a month to devote to your podcast?

If you’ve answered NO to questions #1 and #3, and YES to question #2, you may not be ready to start a podcast. Yet.

It does not mean you won’t ever be ready. It may take some strategy sessions to help you establish a plan. And, that’s okay. Take the time you need to determine the following:

  • Why you want to create a podcast. Determine your why.

  • Brainstorm topics you are passionate about. Figure out your what.

  • Devise a plan to help with time management. Create a plan to implement the production of your podcast. The plan can include outsourcing some podcast production tasks.

Once you’ve worked out the three parts above, you should be ready to move on and get started with your new podcast!

The main point of this post is to make it clear that podcasting is absolutely an awesome way to market and establish yourself as an expert in your niche. But, it's not the only arsenal in your toolbox. If it's not for you, that's okay! Don't force it. There are ways in which you can still share your knowledge and market your business in the digital world. Like: be a guest speaker on other podcasts, host or speak at online events, create videos or turn to blogging.

Want to find out what is involved in starting your own podcast? I offer podcast strategy sessions. Contact me today, to get started!

Your Virtual Assistant Doubles as an Accountability Partner

 buddy up

buddy up

I was a guest on a podcast recently, discussing virtual assistance. I was explaining to the host how I help my clients and what I do. She responded, “Oh, so not only are you a Virtual Assistant, but you are a business coach for your clients too. You hold them accountable to tasks and items.”Wait, what? Hold the phone. Could she be right? It didn't really hit home, until I received the following testimonial from a client:

[Darlene] is extremely professional, organized, honest, fast and delightful to work with! Her preferred communication is email, which is perfect for me! She makes my ideas better and allows me to send out a professional, regularly scheduled newsletter every month.

Having Darlene on board also helps me stay on task because I’m held accountable. A huge benefit! -Pam Christenson, Pam Christenson Massage

When one thinks of partnering with a virtual assistant, many benefits come to mind. The most often-talked about benefit is having someone in which you can hand-off items.  Makes sense. But, what isn’t always clear and becomes so, after working together for a while; is that a virtual assistant can (and is) so much more.When you partner with a virtual assistant; one that provides a high-level of service (and most, if not all, do); you do gain an accountability partner.

Have you experienced any of the following:

  • Received a request or to-do from your V.A.?

  • Received an email from your V.A. to see how your blog post, podcast episode or newsletter content is coming along?

  • Or maybe, they’ve asked you how you’ve been implementing something they’ve created for you?

If you can answer yes to any of the above and you also get the feeling that you have to follow through because your V.A. is depending on you; then you, my friend; not only have a V.A., but a super awesome, secret weapon in your business: a virtual assistant, accountability partner extraordinaire.

Don’t have a Virtual Assistant yet? Well, what are you waiting for? I may be able to help you reign in the chaos of your busy-business life and help you stay on track. You can view a list of services that I offer to clients, here.

3 Things Your Podcast May Be Missing



Are you practicing the three “S’s” when it comes to your podcast's promotion? Below are three things that you should be doing in order to to help promote and grow your podcast audience:Darlene's Three S's to Podcast Promotion:Send an email to your subscribers when a new podcast episode launches. Let your "peeps" know about your latest and greatest episode. They want to hear from you, otherwise, they would not have subscribed to your list. Show notes! Show notes is a blog post that includes a description of your podcast episode, a brief overview of main topics discussed, can include time stamps for pertinent information and includes links to anything you mentioned in the podcast. You should be creating show notes for each episode and posting them on your website. Make them keyword rich too. Whenever you promote or share your podcast, direct people to that specific episode's show notes. 

Social Media, you betcha'.  Spread the word about your latest episode on social media. Don’t just tweet or post about it once, and be done. Add promotion of your podcast into your daily/weekly social media schedule to capture interest and engage followers. Bonus: create Click to Tweets and include them in your episode’s show notes, making it even easier (and fun) for your audience to share your content.Need help implementing these three ‘S’s? Let's chat! Contact me today for a strategy session. We can devise a plan and promote your podcast, together!

Monkey Bar Challenge



Have you ever had a random 4-year old boy cheering you on as you attempted the monkey bars at the playground? No? Well, I have. This happened to me, recently:

While at the park with my husband, I decided to see if I could successfully swing on the monkey bars. As I climbed up the ladder to make my attempt, I already had it in my head that I couldn’t do it. In fact, as I stood at the top of the ladder, ready to swing, I said aloud, “I can’t do it!”. I didn’t realize I had an audience. That was until a boy, who looked to be about 4-years old, shouted at me, “Yes, you can do it!"

Oh. I  guess I have to try now. I put out my arm, grabbed the first bar and…just kind of hung there. The little boy continued with his chant, "You can do it!"

I panicked for a moment and then dropped to the ground, defeated. As we were leaving the playground, the little boy ran toward us. I thought he was going to say, “Bye.”Instead, he looked directly at me and said, "You CAN do it!" Once in the car, the entire scenario that had just played out made me think. In fact, I couldn't shake it.

You see, sometimes, we get into our own heads and think (before even trying) that we can’t do something. Heaven forbid, what if we try and we fail? That is exactly what had happened to me. I felt bad. I didn't want to feel bad. I felt defeated. I did not want to feel defeated.

I knew I had to try again.  As we made our way home, we passed another playground.

I asked my husband to stop.  I made my way to the monkey bars. This time, they seemed a bit higher to me.

Doubt crossed my mind, again. However, I was not going to let that stop me. Not this time.

I reached out my hand and grabbed the first bar. Rather than reaching and grabbing the same bar, and dangling, I did what you are supposed to do on monkey bars; I swung. And...

I fell on my butt.

My husband laughed.

But,  you know what? That’s okay!

The important thing is, I tried. I tried because that little boy believed in me. More importantly, he helped me believe in myself.

Sure, the worst thing that could happen, did. I fell. No big deal. I didn't break any bones. I was never in any real danger. I got up.  I will be trying the monkey bars again. In fact, I’ll continue to try until I succeed. Sometimes in business, you are going to be faced with doing things you are scared of doing. Self-doubt will creep in. It’s human nature. When that doubt does creep in; remember my story about the monkey bars. Then, challenge yourself to try. Just try. If your butt (or more likely, ego) gets bruised: that's okay! 

Do your best and know that someone, somewhere does believe in you. If not the little 4-year old boy at the playground, perhaps a younger  version of yourself; that child that had no fear and could swing on the monkey bars all day long.

Increase Your Online Exposure, Be a Podcast Guest

 Be a

Be a

For decades publicists have been booking clients on television and radio shows. Actors, humanitarians and people like you and me have been highlighted in articles both on and offline. Having your business featured in your local newspaper will help bring in new prospects, sharing your expertise on the radio where you mention your website address will likely bring new traffic to your site and talking about your expertise on a television show will most certainly help you gain some great exposure for your business. Traditional media coverage is great, but there is another media coverage market that you can tap into and gain even more exposure for your business. I am talking about Digital Media. Some examples of Digital Media include Blogs, Podcasts and online video (like those you see on sites like YouTube).

A podcast is much like a radio show, the only real difference is that is it available for listening at any time and can be produced by an independent production company or podcast producer. The idea is the same, in that you have the opportunity to talk with the show’s host about your business, product or service all the while sharing some great information and resources about your area of expertise.

Here are some tips that will help you book your first podcast guest spot:

  • Research your options. Podcasts usually have a very targeted audience. Do your research and find shows that you think have an audience in which your topic will appeal. Some podcasts have a media kit available that defines their audience demographic, this will aid you in your research. If you can’t tell who the audience is for a particular podcast by viewing their website, simply listen to a few podcast episodes (in fact, do this anyway!) after listening to two or three of them, you will be able to see if the show is the right fit for you and your topic.

  • Contact the show. Send an email to a podcast producer telling them about your interest in being on their show. Provide some information about the topic you are interested in talking about. But please, do not send a pitch form letter! Form letters are just so, impersonal. You want to eventually have a fun and open conversation with the host, yes? So, make an authentic connection, make it personable and clearly define how/why you would be a good fit for their show. The worst thing that can happen is that they decline your request.

  • Prepare for your moment. Once you have been booked to be a podcast guest, it is time to prepare. While being a guest on a podcast is your time to shine, remember that you are still a guest on someone else’s podcast. If you plan on talking a little bit about a new product or service, it is always a good idea to mention this to the podcast producer before the interview. You may also want to ask the host if they would be willing to share with you a list of topics or questions they plan to discuss during your interview, so that you can be well-prepared.

Generally speaking, a podcast is a medium that provides information and resources to listeners… if you are out to simply sell a product or service and have no interest in talking about anything else, then a podcast may not be the right avenue for you to gain exposure for your business or area of expertise. And that’s okay, there are many other digital media avenues you can take to help gain exposure for your business.

If you have some great information to offer, as well as, increase awareness in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, then search out a podcast and be a guest!

If you would like to be considered as a guest on my podcasts, I'd love to hear from you. Visit to learn more about my shows and then use the contact page to connect.

Happy Podcasting!

Handling a Professional Setback



Setbacks; we all experience them at one point or another. Professional setbacks or personal – the emotions you feel may be similar. They range from sadness, anger, regret or uncertainty; just to name a few. But, this post is not about dwelling on the setback. It’s about how you react to one and how to move forward. For the sake of a business blog, let’s focus on professional setbacks. An example of a professional setback could be losing a high-paying, long-term client. In the moments after the break, you may feel upset, nervous; heck downright panicked. Here’s the thing, it’s just a moment. And, moments are fleeting. Here’s some advice (tried and true advice, by yours truly) on how to deal with a professional setback.

  1. Accept it – in all its terrible glory. Cry, scream and shout. It’s okay to do that. Setbacks suck. Allow yourself to experience your emotions. It's important to understand I am not giving you permission to dwell on it. Experience your emotions and then move on.

  2. Understand it – once you have given yourself time to work through your emotions, understand why it happened. Most times, a setback has nothing to do with something you did. Yes, sometimes it does. Understand how and why it happened. This is important.

  3. Plan for it – now that you have screamed and cursed and understand why the setback happened, you can put a plan into place to avoid such a setback in the future or at least help soften the blow; should it happen again.

Now, let’s go back to the loss of the high-paying, long-term client. Sure, this may very well happen again with a future client. However, by accepting the initial setback, understanding why it happened, you can now put a plan into place to ensure a full practice or consistent interest in your services. Perhaps marketing efforts were less than stellar prior to your setback. Now, by consistently marketing your business, you can keep your marketing funnel full; and thus lessen the fear of losing a client.

Remember, when one door closes, another one is right around the corner – open and letting in a cool refreshing breeze.

Marketing Ideas for Your Podcast



Marketing your business takes work. Creating a website and/or hanging out a “We Are Open” sign isn’t going to bring you clients. It’s a start, you’re open. Awesome! You need exposure and must get the word out that you are open for business. Have a marketing plan, be persistent with it and re-evaluate what is and is not working. Don’t be afraid to make a change, if something within your plan is not working. Now, let’s say you’ve gotten your marketing plan and processes down for your business. Sweet! Taking that further, maybe one of the strategies is to create a podcast as a way to connect and engage with current and potential clients. Here’s the rub, sometimes businesses create a podcast for the purpose of marketing and then decide, after some time, the podcast angle is not working. After diving deeper, it seems they suffer the same mind-set as a new business owner. They create a podcast, assuming people will find it, without doing any marketing for the podcast. Adding your podcast to iTunes isn’t necessarily enough.

You should market your podcast a lot like you market your business. The same methods and strategies may be used. Sure, it may seem like a Catch-22 or redundant, especially if the reason for your podcast is to market your business. Sounds like a lot work, huh? It can be, but what’s the point of having a podcast if nobody knows about it? If you are unsure of how to market your podcast, here are some ideas:

  • Include a link to your podcast in your email signature

  • Use social media to share podcast episodes, create images with quotes to share.

  • Include your podcast url on your business card

  • List your podcast in various podcast directories, especially those in your specific niche(if they exist).

  • Join groups on social networks where your audience hangs out, connect with them and when appropriate share your podcast (always check groups’ rules first, before promoting your podcast!)

  • Post your podcast along with show notes on your website, as a blog post. Search engines love new content. If you are podcasting consistently and posting show notes, it gives Google a reason to keep coming back to your site to crawl. This means eventual higher search rankings. Score!

  • Talk about your podcast, especially at networking events. If you connect with someone and they want to learn more about you… tell them your website and mention you have an online radio show. Don’t be shy! This is also why it’s essential to include your podcast url on business cards.

That’s just scratching the surface. You can also be guest on other podcasts, cross-promote, be a guest blogger, place ads in industry magazines or newsletters (or be featured), or choose to be a sponsor for a specific event.

Eventually, all of your hard work WILL pay off. Choose the options that work best for you. You don't have to do everything on the list above. Get the word out that you have a podcast and remember ALWAYS include a call-to-action in your podcast episodes. A call to action should direct listeners to your website, inviting them to opt into an email list or perform some other measurable action.

If marketing for your podcast sounds like a lot of work and you think you need help implementing some of these ideas… contact me for help. My podcast management services can be of service to you. I am only an email away.

Happy Podcasting!

In Today's Online World, Remember What it Means to be Human



Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been covering marketing as a topic on my podcast, “The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide.”  My guests have shared their insight and expertise about blogging, social media and networking, just to name a few.  Among all of the conversations I’ve had, there was one common theme my guests kept coming back to, as it related to online marketing. I’ll get to that in one moment. In today’s technological world, there is a misconception that we don’t connect with each other, our noses stuffed in our phones all the time. Yes, this is true.  But for many, we are still connecting.

Let’s circle back to the commonality that kept popping up in my conversations with my podcast guests about online marketing: they all said (in one form or another) that being authentic, honest and caring was the most important thing we can do to connect with our audience in today’s online world.

That’s right; the common thread had nothing to do with using a specific tool, device or a social network. It was not about the 80/20 rule of sharing on social media or how to send a specific,“tweet.”

It all came down to one simple thing: what it means to be human. It's so important to not fall into the practice of being a machine pushing out content or sending links haphazard on social media.  Be invested in what you put out into the online world and truly care.  Also, don’t be afraid to show your true self. Your audience will notice.  And, that will be the reason they choose to connect with you, the real you.

Check out recent episodes of The Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide to hear some of the conversations with business owners about online marketing.

Podcasts, blog posts or e-newsletters are great ways to share relevant content in an authentic way. Contact me, I’d love to help.