Host Your Very First Podcast Interview Like a Pro


A couple of weeks ago, I shared a post called, “Preparing for your First Podcast Interview.” It provided tips to first-time podcast guests.  This week I’d like to offer some advice to new podcast hosts.

As a new host, you may be feeling a bit nervous and excited about hosting your first interview. That’s great! It is an exciting time. I firmly believe that preparation is the key to tackling any nerves you may be feeling.  Follow the tips below and you’ll be feeling less nervous and more confident going into your first interview.

  • Familiarity goes a long way – if this is truly your first podcast interview, start out interviewing someone you like, know and trust. My very first podcast interview was with my mother (yes, my mom!), a client and a very sweet business associate of mine. You can listen to my very first podcast interview, here (recorded way back in 2008!). Go into your interview with the mindset of - this is just a conversation between friends. Interview people you know, at least for the first few episodes. Doing so will help you to solidify the “conversation with friends” concept firmly into your psyche. Then, once you realize the interview process is simply a conversation and not something intimidating, scary or complex – branch out to interviewing others.

  • Do your research – Researching your guest well before you even invite them to be on your show, is important! Don’t skip this step. You want to have a good idea for a show topic first, once you have that, research various people that you think might fit into that topic well. Then go one step further to see if they are someone you may be able to connect with during a conversation. View their social media profiles. Do you get a sense that they are a person you might like to hang out with and do they offer resourceful information to their followers? If the answer is yes to both of these questions – add them to the list of people you would like to interview. Always have a short list of people to invite, by the way. It will come into play when you start inviting guests. See the next point for further clarification.

  • Start inviting guests, don't doubt yourself – A lot of times, new podcast hosts question whether or not they should invite a particular person onto their show. Doubt creeps in, well before you even send an email invitation! It's not uncommon to think things like, “Oh they may be too busy,” “They’re too high profile and would never want to chat with me,”or “I bet they’ll say no, why bother?” Stop that! Don’t overwhelm yourself with doubt! Guess what? The worst thing that can happen is that they say, "No." No big deal. Simply move on to the next person on your list. Chances are though, they will say yes. People love to talk about their business and more importantly, they love to talk about a topic they are passionate about.

  • Your interview is scheduled; research some more – Your interview is scheduled. Awesome! Prior to your call, it’s super important to have an idea of what you will talk about with your guest. One thing you should always do is create a list of questions you would like to ask. This is where additional research will come in. Look at their website and social media profiles again – this time formulate questions that highlight their expertise and passion. Generic questions are okay – but the real magic happens when you can show your guest that you’ve done your homework and have taken an interest (a true interest) in them and what they do.

  • Finally, be 100% involved in the interview and ask follow-up questions – Being 100% involved in the conversation, when it comes to the actual interview, is the single most important thing you can do. Turn off any distractions – cell phones, music, etc. If you are able to turn off your computer, do it. If not, be sure all email, social media and other notifications are turned off. Listen to your guest, ask follow-up questions about something they've just said and truly give your time to them. They’ll notice and end up becoming more relaxed, thus making your interview that much more enjoyable, fun and easy to do. So much so, you'll be hyped to do another one again, soon!

Good luck. I know you will do great! Questions or comments about this post? Leave them below.

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Next time, I'll write about what to do if you run into technical difficulties during an interview or how to handle a major goof-up. Hint: you can recover, I'll tell you how.

Building Business Relationships in an Online World

Building and fostering relationships with clients and prospective clients is extremely important. When you take the time to build your business relationships, you’ll eventually become a trustworthy expert that people come to know, like and trust. When someone knows you, likes you and trusts you – they are more likely to do business with you. Better yet, they may also begin to provide referrals. It’s a win-win for everyone, yes! We live in a fast moving world. People are always on the go. In fact, many people now work from home or travel while working. How can you get face time with your audience if you aren’t able to sit and meet with them in person? Well, just like the world is moving fast these days, so is technology! There are quite a few ways to connect with your audience, online. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Monthly E-Newsletters – Monthly newsletters sent by email are a great way to connect with your audience. Think you don’t have much to offer in a monthly newsletter? Think again! Share news, an interesting tip or video. If you are a B2B company, then your audience will definitely see your email come across their inbox! I mean come on, how often do you check your email? :) You’ve heard the old adage, “Out of sight, out of mind,” right? Newsletters are a great way to get your name and brand in front of your people! You may hear internet marketers talk about the importance of building your email list. People opting into your list want to hear from you. Send them a monthly e-newsletter to keep in touch and to keep them engaged.

  • Podcasts – Of course podcasts make my list! I am a true believer that podcasting for business is a great way to market to your target audience. A podcast is very simply, an online radio or video show. As a podcast host, you have the opportunity to share your expertise and a little bit of yourself, with your audience. After listening or watching a few episodes, they’ll be able to determine, “Do I like this person?” If the answer is yes, they’ll stick around and become a fan. Guess what? You now have your ideal client’s attention. That’s an amazing feat. Don’t spoil this opportunity. Continue to build that relationship, invite fan feedback, questions and engage in conversations with them. Trust me, it works!

  • Social Media - Of course, connecting and chatting with your audience on social media is a given, in this day and age. BUT, some businesses think because their brand isn’t an online brand, social media is not needed. THINK AGAIN! Think about where your audience likes to hang out…if a good portion of their time is spent on Facebook or Twitter (or some other social network), you need to be there too! Engage in conversations, take an interest and invest in them. When you do this, you are investing in your business too!

Interested in implementing any of the items above? I can help you! As a digital media manager, I help clients with e-newsletter and podcast productions, as well as, social media management. Let’s chat and see if we can work together to help build and foster your business relationships, together.

Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide Podcast- June Roundup

My newest podcast, Inspired Entrepreneur’s Guide launched last month. Following the same format as past projects (like A Virtual Perception); it is a weekly podcast that sets out to inspire new business owners or those wanting to start a business to take action. Stop dreaming and start doing is the entire premise of the show.  My guests share their own inspiring entrepreneurial journey, as well as, expert advice that aims to help listeners with some facet of their business (ie:  marketing, online store setup, social media, etc). I also share my own experiences with listeners and answer common startup questions. New episodes air every Friday. Here is what you missed in the month of June:Episode 1: New BeginningsEpisode 2: Interview with Kyle HuntEpisode 3: Self ConfidenceEpisode 4: Interview with Patty Kabick

The podcast is available to via iTunesStitcher or Feedburner. Subscribe and never miss a single episode!

Preparing for Your First Podcast Interview


You might find yourself being asked to be a guest on a podcast in the near future. This should be a fun experience and not one you stress out over!  If you’ve never been interviewed before, much less for something like a podcast, your first instinct might be to say no to the guest invitation. It's human nature to react in such a way  - the fear of the unknown. In this case, don’t let fear stop you! Most podcasters, especially those of whom are veterans in the industry, will go to great lengths to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during the interview. Of course,  you may feel more prepared and self-secure during your first podcast interview, by following these guidelines:

  • Request from your you host an outline or a list of questions that will be asked during the interview. Then, take some time prior to the recording to prepare. Don’t over-rehearse answers, however. Use the outline and questions they provide to help guide you - be sure to have it nearby during the call to help remind you of some key points you wanted to share.

  • When setting up an interview with a guest, I typically refer to it as a chat or conversation. This is exactly what it should be - a conversation between two (or more) people. No matter what your host refers to it as (an interview, a call or a recording) always remind yourself the podcast is simply a chat between friends. While you may not know the host personally, if you go into the call as if you were talking to a long lost friend, you’ll feel much more comfortable!

  • One final tip – don’t be afraid to tell your host you’re nervous about the recording or that this is your first podcast interview. More often than not, when they realize this, they’ll understand your nerves and do what they can to put your mind at ease. Also, as long as the podcast is not live - the host can edit out any brain freezes you might experience during the chat. Believe me, it happens (even to hosts) and is easily fixed in the post-production editing process. It is amazing how relaxed my guests become when I tell them how magical editing can truly be. If you are unsure of how edits are handled, ask your host. They'll be able to tell you. Overall - if you communicate to your host your questions or concerns, they'll answer them and make you feel good about the process.

In a future post, I’ll dive into some tips and advice for being a gracious host to your podcast guests.

Good luck. I know you will do great! Questions or comments about this post? Leave them in the comments below

Check out my newest podcast, The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide to for guest interviews and more.

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News: Podcast listing in iTunes

"iTunes Store Podcast Approved Notification" is one of my most favorite email subject lines. It means to me, that a podcast I submitted for myself or that of a client, has been accepted. It's fantastic news and should be celebrated!  Not necessarily with a party, but it is newsworthy, for certain. Why? Because as a podcaster, it's your responsibility to make available your podcast and it's feed to your potential subscribers. There are several directories and places to post your podcast, iTunes is one great 'must-post' place. Their directory gives your potential listeners an easy avenue to subscribe to your show.

I recently launched a new podcast called, The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide. The iTunes store notification graced my email inbox this morning. My podcast is now listed in the iTunes directory! You can subscribe via iTunes right here (or search for Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide in your  iPhone's Podcasts app).  If you listen in, please be sure to provide a review - which is super easy to do right from your iTunes account.

Tonight I am going to celebrate this awesome news with a very special ice cream sundae.  Happy listening!

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