Why Digital Media Management?

I wanted to take this opportunity  to tell you what digital media management means to me and why I offer it as a service. What is Digital Media: Digital media is anything a person, company or brand places on web for the purpose of connecting with others. I have been creating podcasts, videos and web content and connecting with people since 2008!

My Personal Preference (for my business):  I produce podcasts, write short stories,  and create YouTube videos. They are my media of choice because they allow me to express myself in such a way that connects to the people that I want drawn to me - my audience or prospective ideal clients.  The digital media I prefer also provides me with various outlets for my consistent creative energy.

Your Preference: When it comes to digital media, select something that allows you to put your best self forward, a medium that you enjoy and can get across the message that you intend.

Value & Powerful Marketing Tool: I know firsthand the value digital media holds for a business. Prospective clients see, hear and watch your digital media content. It gives them insight as to who you are and what you do. It helps them connect with you, way before you even have your first consultation.  Back when I was producing my podcast, A Virtual Perception, I had countless people contact me for podcast and audio help - all because they happened to hear an episode of the show. They got to know me through the podcast and experienced my product (the podcast), firsthand.  Talk about a powerful marketing tool!

Digital Media Management and You: I am passionate about helping you maneuver the realm of online content. You don't have to got at it alone!  If you are struggling with podcasting, posting to your blog or getting that Mailchimp email to look just right, stop. Hand the reigns over to me and relieve yourself of the stress! Helping you with your digital media is my passion and I look forward to assisting you!