Top Secrets

Facebook is all a flutter with…“XX number of things you don't know about me,” updates. I have no real idea why, probably another one of those viral private messages going around. Since I am not a cool kid, I truly have no idea!   I decided, “Why not make a few unknown things about me blog post?”   So here it goes:

    1. In 2007, I was *this close* to going to culinary school in New York to become a pastry chef.
    2. I can be overly dramatic.
    3. I am very shy in-person. But, give me a microphone at a Karaoke Bar and I’ll belt out a tune like no tomorrow.
    4. I admire both of my brothers for their artistic ability. One draws like nobody’s business and the other designs and builds the most amazing homes and home improvements.
    5. I never really wanted to be a hair stylist growing up, but the idea of it was still cool. I often tried to mimic my mother’s talent for hair design by chopping off all of the hair on my Barbie dolls. I also "colored" one of my Ken dolls' hair (brown) with a magic marker. I had one blonde Ken and one brunette Ken. I thought that was the coolest thing ever.
    6. I am easily amused.
    7. I am a book nerd. I’d much rather read a book than play video games, watch tv or anything else people do for fun.  Reading is fundamental. I love it.
    8. I love ice cream. Not just love. I mean I LOVE ice cream. Vacations are not vacations without ice cream. Dinner is not dinner without dessert. And, dessert has to be ice cream.
    9. I am very comfortable with technology, the internet and computer software. But, I still have trouble using the television remote.