Seven Months of Running

If you know me personally or have spent any time on my blog, you probably know I've started running over the last several months. For my husband and I, race season has officially ended for the year. The weather is getting colder and quite frankly – we're cold weather sissies. In fact, I usually start wearing gloves in October. You'd think after living on the East Coast our entire lives, we'd get used to it. Nope. So, over the next few months we'll continue to run in the warm solitude of our home, on the treadmill. Of course, we'll probably venture out on weekends to do our usual long run at the park; with proper cold weather gear in tow.

A few fun facts about our first seven months of running:

  • We've completed a total of 5 races (4 together and one each on our own).
  • We both had personal bests and beat the time of our first run.
  • My first two races I was super hard on myself and focused so much on time, I psyched myself out. By race number three I learned to take a chill pill and enjoy the stride.
  • We had a blast!
  • We can't wait to do it again.
  • We plan to step up our game in 2014.
  • And, the biggie? We have committed to doing the NYC Marathon.