Organize Your Content and Podcast Files, Like a Pro!


Whether you are creating a podcast, writing blog posts, or writing a weekly or monthly newsletter, organization will help keep you on track. Organizing helps you: create a plan, keep things concise, and keep your goals within sight. 

A great way to organize your thoughts for content creation is by having a content creation calendar. You can find templates for content calendars all over the web. Co-schedule put one out at the end of 2018, and you can find that here.  Or you can simply create one using Google Calendar.

Putting your ideas down for blog posts, along with the dates they will be published, will help you map out your content in an easy and visual way. If calendars aren’t your thing, you can also create a Google Document and map out a month’s worth of content in it.

My final thought on organization relates to podcasting, specifically. Whenever I begin working with a new podcasting client, I create an episode tracking spreadsheet for them. The spreadsheet includes columns such as:

  • Episode number

  • Release date

  • Episode title

  • Guest name

  • Guest email

  • And, even the show notes url

The spreadsheet also includes columns for checking off items as they are done, for example: is the audio back from the editor, is the episode uploaded to Libsyn, or is the social media content scheduled?   The spreadsheet is our way of making sure we are hitting all aspects of production for their podcast. Additionally, the spreadsheet serves as a resource to look back upon for topic ideas, referencing links for sharing past episodes, and guest contact information.

There are other spreadsheets I create for clients to help keep things organized as it relates to their podcast too. This includes spreadsheets to track guest research, coordination and vetting, plus guest pitching.

I’ve created a template of the various spreadsheets you can use to organize your podcast episodes, guest coordination, guest research, vetting, and even podcast pitching.

You can download it here.

Remember, it’s not necessarily what you use to organize your podcast and content creation, but that you actually DO use the tools that work best for you. When you become organized, the work doesn’t seem so tedious or hard. In fact, it can become fun and light, because the focus of where you want to go is crystal clear and fully formed. Happy organizing!