News: Podcast listing in iTunes

"iTunes Store Podcast Approved Notification" is one of my most favorite email subject lines. It means to me, that a podcast I submitted for myself or that of a client, has been accepted. It's fantastic news and should be celebrated!  Not necessarily with a party, but it is newsworthy, for certain. Why? Because as a podcaster, it's your responsibility to make available your podcast and it's feed to your potential subscribers. There are several directories and places to post your podcast, iTunes is one great 'must-post' place. Their directory gives your potential listeners an easy avenue to subscribe to your show.

I recently launched a new podcast called, The Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide. The iTunes store notification graced my email inbox this morning. My podcast is now listed in the iTunes directory! You can subscribe via iTunes right here (or search for Inspired Entrepreneur's Guide in your  iPhone's Podcasts app).  If you listen in, please be sure to provide a review - which is super easy to do right from your iTunes account.

Tonight I am going to celebrate this awesome news with a very special ice cream sundae.  Happy listening!

Not sure how to get your podcast listed in iTunes? I can help. Let's chat!