Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs and Podcasters

Holiday Gift Guide Fun!

I’ve always loved the holiday season. Back when I began podcasting in 2008, every December I would create a special holiday podcast episode. One year I even ran something called, “24 Days of Wonder,” which was a special holiday celebration spread out over the course of 24 days.This year, since I don’t have an active podcast (but one is coming in 2019), I decided to put together a small holiday gift guide for you. The gift ideas included are perfect for clients, friends, and family members alike.

Fairytale Brownies: I’ve been sending FairyTale Brownies to clients, family, and associates since 2009. And, I’ve been everybody’s best friend since that time - coincidence? ;)  Seriously though, they are SCRUMPTIOUS.

Saltopia Infused Sea Salts: Buy local! I first came across Saltopia Salts while perusing my town’s farmer’s market on a summer day. Intrigued, I stopped by and had a very nice chat with Kimarie, the owner of Saltopia Salts. We chatted about the wonderful foodie finds in Portland, Maine, and Pike’s Market Place in Seattle. I purchased two jars of her gourmet salts that day and have been a fan ever since.

Etsy (crafty and handmade gifts): My mother has always been one crafty lady. I grew up watching her make amazing handmade gifts. My love for all things handmade is rooted within my DNA.  When I learned about Etsy in late 2008, I was giddy and full of an excitement. I mean, come on, Etsy is basically one big online craft fair. It took me quite a few years to start my own shop (you can see it here), but I’ve been an Etsy addict, ahem shopper, as soon as I discovered the site. That’s why Etsy is always one of my go-to places for unique and handmade gifts.

Of course, I also happen to surround myself with some pretty crafty friends! My bestie Jenifer is a talented watercolor artist (crafting Christmas and holidays cards) and amazing sewer. You can check out her one-of-a-kind cards and gifts right here.

Alex and Ani: Last year I was gifted an Alex and Ani Sister charm bracelet. It was the first time I learned of Alex and Ani. I’ve been in love with their jewelry ever since. You can shop online or usually find them at select gift shops.

Podcaster Gifts - I would be remiss if I didn’t include some items for podcasters (ahem, if that’s you, then add these items to YOUR list, pronto :) ).

ATR2100 USB Mic: Whether you are new to podcasting or have been in the industry for a while, you know that a lot of people tend to recommend the Blue Yeti Mics. They are okay mics, but honestly, not the best. The ATR2100 USB microphone is what I typically recommend to folks (and mention in my Podcasting Your Way course which launched in May 2018). At under $70, it’s definitely budget-friendly too.

Neewer Pop Filter: Pop filters help reduce plosives (think, “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers...”) when you speak. At $5.99 on Amazon, this pop filter is the perfect stocking stuffer for the podcaster in your life!

Sit-to-Stand Rolling Adjustable Height Laptop Cart with Storage: Hands down, this is my most favorite piece of office furniture to date! I had been wanting a standup desk for a while, but dang, they are expensive. Since my primary computer is a laptop anyway, I decided this was the next best thing. And my gosh, IT IS THE BEST! I can move it around (it has wheels), so that when I am actually recording a podcast, I can move it to an area of my home that has the best acoustics. Yes, I can take my desk and setup with me! Plus, I can sit OR stand. If you’ve been wanting a standup desk for your laptop, but don’t have the space or the cash - this baby will fulfill all of your hopes and dreams. You’re welcome.