My First Hi-Res Photo Monday Post (Free Download)

I have been doing a lot of creative exploration lately - first by finding my writing voice again, next through stop motion video and finally by starting a video podcast. Expect more from me in all of those areas. However, another creative outlet I've always wanted to experience was photography. I don't mean iPhone camera photography. Although I have seen some pretty fantastic images taken on today's smartphones, not taking anything away from the awesome iPhone photographers out there!   I wanted to experience what it was like to take photos with a camera, use various lenses and express myself in a completely new way. On somewhat of a whim, I purchased a Canon DSLR camera. I got it last week and have had photography on my brain ever since. In fact, anything I look at now is a photo. It's a little unsettling, quite frankly. But, in a good way! Today when I awoke, I was trying to decide what to write about as my blog post this week. That is when I started connecting the dots. I have lots and lots of photos. So many, that I won't know what to do with all of them. I also committed (to myself) to write at least one blog post a week.  That's when High Resolution Photo Mondays was born. Every Monday, I will post a hi-res image I shot the week before. You can download it, use it on your website, in a flyer or as the background for your computer.  It's my gift to you! Attribution is encouraged, of course. ;)

Below are two versions of the same photo. It was taken at a lake nearby. I shared the Grayscale one on Facebook and it was unofficially voted as the top favorite. This is why I decided to share it on the blog.  Enjoy!

Click on the image to open the high-resolution version in a new window.

Footprints in the Snow - Color Footprints in the Snow - Grayscale
FootprintsinsnowColor FootprintsinsnowBW