Being happy and present "in the now"

A few weeks ago, as I was getting prepared for vacation, I had an epiphany of sorts. Actually, I finally decided to be at peace with my life and to be grateful for the here and now. Easier said than done. Let me explain. In 2008 I had started my own business. It was a major accomplishment  for me. Having my own business was something I had always dreamed of and when I turned 30-years old I stopped dreaming. I started doing. Having my business opened so many doors for me, allowed me to learn new skills, meet amazing people (of whom I still stay in touch with today) and even helped me find a passion for podcasting. Who knew?

Two years into my business I was offered an amazing opportunity working full-time for one my then clients. Actually, it must have been written in the stars or something, because it was an offer from my first and favorite client. I know you shouldn't say out loud that you have a favorite client, kind of like, you can't say you have a favorite kid. We can just keep it on the down low. Ok? All kidding aside, I really liked the work this client sent me and working with the other individuals that did business with the company made me feel like I was making a difference somehow. So it was an easy decision, in a sense, to accept the opportunity.  It's now three years later and I am still with the company. Awesomeness.

The funny thing is - for the last 3 years - I've secretly questioned if the decision was right for my professional growth. The question continued to be at the forefront for the longest time, as I watched many of my business associates achieving great successes by leaps and bounds.  Part of me wondered, could I have been that successful if I had stuck with my business? Am I a sell out? A worry-wart by nature, the thoughts really started to take a toll.

In fact, I found myself trying to think of products, books or podcasts I could produce to try to achieve some kind of level of success similar to that of my business cohorts. Keeping up with the Jones' is never a good thing, at least I believe so. In fact, I am usually the first person to tell someone to "March to the beat of their own drum."  Alas, there I was ignoring my own advice.

Then two weeks ago, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I am freaking happy and I am successful. It may not be the same type of success as my old pals and associates, but it is success. I truly enjoy my job and the people I work with day in and day out. That in and of itself spells success.  In addition to that I have a few hobbies that keep my creative side happy and fulfilled. I am active, healthy and love my family and husband dearly.  Basically, I had my very own self-aware wake-up call. It was actually pretty darn amazing.

Sure, I still have goals I'd like to accomplish.. but they are my own goals and have nothing to do with measuring up to the success of others. Speaking of which, to all my business pals that have grown by leaps and bounds - my hat is tipped off to you. You are amazing, I am absolutely happy for you and cheer you on any chance I get.

This post is a reminder to take a look at your life, be grateful for all of the good things and know it's ok to be happy for those things. Everyone has their own definition of success, if you are stacking yourself up against someone else right now, stop. Be happy and present in the now. You owe it to yourself to do so.