3 Ways to Re-purpose and Re-use Facebook Live Video

You've recorded a Facebook Live video.  The content, interaction, and vibe from the broadcast was on point. Now, you wish you could do it again and again? Well, for starters, if it was that inspiring and well-received, you might want to consider making Facebook Live videos a part of your weekly or monthly routine.

More than that, you can take that already broadcasted video and re-purpose and re-use it in various ways, thus enabling you to share that little bit of inspiration time and again.  

Step 1: Download the Facebook Live video from your Facebook group or page. Then you can:

  • Re-distribute it as video or audio. For example, upload the video to your YouTube Channel for your YouTube Subscribers or, have your digital media consultant/editor export the audio of which you can then use for a podcast episode.

  • Consider posting the video or audio on your website or blog.

Step 2: Get the video transcribed then you can:

  • Write a blog post (or eNewsletter article) from the transcription. You may find you have enough content to write more than one post or article.

  • Find great tips, quotes, informative posts, and/or one-liners for use in social media marketing from your content.

Think about it, you can spend 10-30 minutes on Facebook Live and then plan out 3 or more ways to re-use it for online content.  Not only is this a great way to save time, but a great opportunity to spread your message in a variety of ways.