3 Rules of Podcasting for Business


You’ve created a podcast. You now have a handful of podcast episodes available online. First, congratulations! Producing a podcast and getting your first few episodes out there is no easy task. It is something you should feel good about.  But, producing and uploading to the web is really just the beginning.   You can’t stop there! To help you out, I am going to share my ‘3 Rules of Podcasting for Business.’

  1. Create a podcast around a topic you are passionate about. You may have heard me discuss this before – so I am going to simplify this rule: Passion keeps you motivated and allows you to put your very best content out to the public. A podcast topic you are excited about and can’t wait to share with others – that’s what you want. Your enthusiasm will come through!

  2. Make it easy for people to find your podcast! Have podcast, listeners will come. Right? Yeah, not so much. The main point of having a podcast, especially if you are incorporating podcasting into your marketing plan, is to gain exposure. Like everything else in business, having a podcast takes work. First step: Be sure your podcast gets the proper exposure by posting it: to various podcast directories (like iTunes, Stitcher, industry-related podcast directories, and now even Google Play!), on your website, on your social media accounts, on your business card and email signature. I’ll be sharing other ways to promote your podcast in a future post.

  3. Be Yourself. I can’t say this enough. Your podcast is an extension of who you are and what you do. Always. People want to get to know, like and trust the people they do business with; your podcast is the perfect tool for this. Be yourself; those that want to do business with you, will. Those who don’t necessarily ‘get’ you…well, they probably aren’t your ideal client anyway.

There you have it. My “3 Rules of Podcasting for Business.”  Of course, there are more…there are always more, yes? But if you start out understanding these first 3, you are well on your way to understanding how to make a podcast work for you and your business!

Need help launching your podcast or submitting it to podcast directories, like iTunes and Google Play? I can help!